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Friday, 31 March 2006
Music is an flowing art, word is the avatar of this art, so I want to show one or two faces of Doom Music by individual words.

Extreme Heavy Music is another high-point of our human-being’s thought, a world with diamonds and shit together, a space interveined by hell and heaven. Doom is a story we can see the end, is a course to try and know deeply, is an apocalypse full of ill-omen, is a crossroad of peace and split. In the Doom World, the main color is gloomy, black and red color following the ghost of a light will appear once in a way, then disappear rapidly. This world has the least blood compared with all extreme world, it builds a falling world with power.

Closing eyes, into the door, life likes movie passing one by one, here enthusiasm died slowly, a blundering heart settled down little by little, in the lazy and a little laggard atmosphere, from peaceful to thoughtful, from sureness to melancholy, from tediousness to oppression, from sadness to suffering, from patience to struggle, from twitch to desperation, from however to peaceful, from peaceful to thoughtful… the moment the door closed, back to the true life, a world still with some hope. You start your travel again, but that Doom’s door always open for earthling, for those people who feel depression, lost, exhaustion. It’s a saline well can not be refused.

Doom Metal’s history isn’t longer than other metal genres, in 70’s age, BLACK SABBATH is the grandfather by all metalheads, most of doomsters think BS is the Doom’s headstream. Early albums like “Black Sabbath”,”Paranoid”,”Master of Reality”,”Vol.4”, without doubt, is the outstanding productions in metal history, at the same time these four albums have own dark atmosphere, gloomy melody, middle speed and heavy riffs give birth to Doom Metal, till today, there are still volumes of Doom bands extract soul from BS’s songs, some of them imitate, create, develop, step by step, finally form their own style.

Here, Mold subjectively think Doom Metal has Traditional Doom, Death Doom, Funeral Doom, Stoner Doom, Droning Doom, Gothic Doom, Other Doom. In fact, this genre’s borderline is very blur, especially today, many music form exit together. Some bands belong to one genre just for their orientation, and to other metal genre, Doom Metal has his limitation, uneasy to break through, so it’s very familiar for many bands’ albums span to several genres.

To Mold, Doom Metal has four periods of time, 65 year to 80 year, Black Sabbath is born to Doom Metal, this is baby’s time; 80 year to 89 year, around 85 year, there are Pentagram, Saint Vitus, Trouble, The Obsessed, Witchfinder General establish this genre, following Candlemass, Count Raven, Pagan Altar, etc bands consolidate Doom Metal, during these bands, I think Candlemass is the first band speaking of “Doom Metal” these words in their albums, but Candlemass still has amount of Heavy Metal elements, so this period is boyhood, it’s Traditional Doom’s time, and Death Doom is ready for breaking ground. From 90 year to 99 year, maybe these are the bloom years for Doom Metal, kinds of genres form, exceed, intervein, more and more metalheads love this genre, this is the youth period; from 2000 year till now, Doom Metal has grown up, into the autumn, every shape exits, some bands split or disband before begin to reform, some reminiscent fans like 70 and 80 age’s bands more, some fans more love extreme Doom Metal, other fans melt all kinds of elements into this genre. So this period should be the adulthood.

I want to introduce by myself each doom genre’s bands I know, certainly there are still more excellent Doom Metal all over the world without in this website. Now we see HYPONIC is the first china doom metal band, we hope more and more Doom Metal band will surface.