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Written by moldbody   
Wednesday, 02 January 2008
Album Name:

1. First Symptoms
2. Transcendance #26
3. Funeralium
4. Let People Die
5. Light Crisis
6. Nearly The End

I like this album, especially after I play it one more time, I can find more from it. There are several spotlights in this maiden work, tortured, sick and evil vocal, more and more distorted rhythms, only if you could throw yourself into the atmospheric the band arranged. Except 2nd song, this album is good stuff in 2007, one year without excellent doom metal stuff.
Everything came from self-tortured. Suffering, began from a needle, from harmed by outside, from the emotion of body, from passive hurt, but tides of time would fade the scars.

Painful of skin was at an instant, seriously, as if it would kill you even if you moved slightly, but just for a moment. However, there were many ghosts in the darkness who were winding around you, heavier and heavier, or whom you hided, escaped, they were eroding your emotion, so you enforced yourself staring the light, so you only felt the tender and romantic, so you dared not to observe asides, so that weak bright became everything for you.
If everything would become nothing, why not ended everything, let all suffering and lies disappeared.
Not hiding any more, just one punch through the heart, just let the blood split everywhere, just scraping the bryophytes on the surface of organs, let it die or rebirth.
If we missed the time, even locked into the coffin, buried underground, it would still grow up, even without the sound, losing the temperature, changing into the liquid, it still floated in the space, in the darkness.

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