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Written by moldbody   
Wednesday, 26 April 2006
Album Name:
In Requiem
Label:Century Media Records

1. Never For the Damned
2. Ash & Debris
3. The Enemy
4. Praise Lamented Shade
5. Requiem
6. Unreachable
7. Prelude to Descent
8. Fallen Children
9. Beneath Black Skies
10. Sedative God
11. Your Own Reality

Absolutely, this album is unbelievable,it's almost a UNIT, gathered with hardcore,death,punk,grind,doom,goth,stoner,etc all kinds of sound, many sounds from vocal mix in the materidal, album's topic is about an abortive woman, twisted riffs awake people's some emotion in deep heart, the whole album fills with jumping and shivery rhythm, sabbath riff with death and clean vocal, rock tune, combined with speed and power, some melancholy elements, some brutal bloody atmosphere, some drone and stoner notes, oh my god, there are too many many elements in this album.but sounds good,it can attract you.
By the way, the cover is designed by a famous artist with series murderor people John Wayne Gacy.
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