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Saturday, 19 August 2006
Probably after graduated from university, that summer is to catch up with removal, the room without furniture looked too empty, till today I still can remind of that view. New room is spacious and bright, evenif with many furnitures into,it still has room for dancing, life is beautiful and simple. Customary of dreaming never change because of the different place. The most interest thing is acquaintance of a friend, then perhaps can not be called friends.   

Over a long period of time, summer night, cicadas keep in noise outside, sea breeze is also blowing although with slightly damp at the same time, but for me,I always like to cover tightly my whole body. Today I think maybe because of that friend,that mysterious shadow. He always dressed in black cloak, no face. He often walked into my room, quietly moved to bed, tried to stretched out skinny hand to touch my body, every moment I will wrap around the body into linens subconsciously, but try to see his face. perhaps, I was really too forceful, cramps pain let me suddenly open my eyes, he disappeared. 

In the dream, I'm hardly so close with one person, he seemed to be a soul drifted in the air,only one same soul out of his life body can meet with him. Perhaps he is an evil spirit, but I would rather believe that he is a more lonely son.  

Not long afterwards, I left that home seaside, led a wandering life among big cities with fear and hope, and the times I met him are also increasingly long intervals, until one day,after I'm with a stable life, I lost him.

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