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SORROWS PATH_Resurrection
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Monday, 13 July 2009
Album Name:
Date:Jan. 15, 2006
Label:Eat Metal Records

1. No Possibility
2. Flower
3. Prince Of The Night
4. True Hope
5. Land Of Illusions (CHOPAR) 
6. Sorrow's Path  

We didn’t hear lots of Doom Metal sounds from Greece, VIOLET VORTEX is one of them, the other important one should be SORROWS PATH who built from 1993, SP has the complicated experiences, made them stop temporarily during these years, but they never stopped, they got the real metal spirit, the same quality with their music. In 1996, Eat metal Records collected 6 songs before 1996 and then released Resurrection. Although it’s not very mature for the music, the singing, the technique, the recording and the cover, for one band who made these songs from ten years ago, for one band influenced by heavy metal, CANDLEMASS,the songs before ten years, we are already impressive by them. The first song is almost like a tribution for CANDLEMASS, for the whole album, the music has old school taste, melodic is not boring and sweet in fact, just like tragedy and epic drama from Greece, SP has the epic quality, and the beginning of every song is attracting. This is a band with good idea, just need time to improve.

Anyway, for a Greece Doom Metal album before 2000, it’s rare, it’s worth to be collected. At the same time, the band is preparing, we will see, more people will hear the voice from Greece.

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Two burst out:KATATONIA
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Friday, 04 July 2008
Earlier time


--Don’t doubt me too much, maybe some songs have ever made me exciting, all flowers have already withered, dried. But maybe some one what I ever left at the corner now becomes the best one in this article, all should blame for this guy:Time.

There is a band who never be out of dark, always sink into shadow, this is KATATONIA, so many years they always put all of darkness, melancholy, angry and pressure into palette, casting black on the top of rainbow, just in the past they prefer thick dark, but now everything changed into foggy grey.
KATATONIA’s music is like a wizard dancing into the storm, falling down in the thundering and lighting, stumbling into marshes, until now we cannot find any sunshine in the sky. KATATONIA has complicated emotion, although only for sad topic, they can show all kinds of feeling, their music always changed, every song has its own story, ups and downs, enthralling you into the dark from the beginning to the end.

I’m heard that KATATONIA’s music is “suicide rock”, but I think its extreme degree is far as BETHLEHEM, for me KATATONIA is a metal/rock band who is good at showing depressing performance of the personal feelings. Compared the other band ANATHEMA with the similar experience, Both of them played in the doom metal scene from very beginning, both of them keep changing, they all fancy with depressive and dark atmosphere. But today ANATHEMA has transformed to psychedelic rock, KATATONIA is still more extreme, underground. What I only know is KATATONIA concentrate to make its own style, its music is very personal and obscure, and we found KATATONIA has more characteristic than ANATHEMA, their music is easier to be remembered.

Last Updated ( Friday, 04 July 2008 )
Metalfans! go to the cinema for Global Metal
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Friday, 20 June 2008
 Date June 27, 2008
 Country Canada
 Genre  Documentary
 Length 1:33
 Director Scot McFadyen 
 Company Séville Pictures
 Website Global metal Official Website

Different from the first one, I'm impressed by Global Metal. I saw so many diferent metal scenes especially some places I never touched before, know more about metalfans, know more about different culture, different people, especially we have the same tie, metal music. After I complained with them why you guys make so short movie, every scene finished so quick, I was just into it and you guys have already been in the sky to the other place,XXXX, there should be lots of details into your locker, give them to me, to every curious metal fans. Or I will go there to find it out.

Btw, there re so many funny things in the movie.And some serious and heavy things also, hehe whatever, how can you miss a metal film as a metal fan. Throw those shitty commercial films, save your money to find us in the movie.


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